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Teeth discoloration or yellowish teeth is one of the most common dental issues that is addressed to the teeth whitening services in Canada. It occurs due to various reasons, such as aging, bad eating habits, poor dental care, smoking, etc. However, it is not a severe dental problem. It is neither painful nor results in bleeding gums or inflammation, yet, it bothers patients the most compared to other dental problems. The reason is clear. Yellowish teeth stop you from laughing freely, sharing smiles, and speaking upfront in the public. It keeps wandering in your mind, bringing a significant fall in your confidence level. In some cases, it gets deep into your mind and causes many different mental health issues, like stress and anxiety. Hence, teeth discoloration should not be taken lightly. You should get it treated as soon as possible with an effective teeth whitening treatment. At DentalGram, we connect you to the best teeth whitening services that provide a wide range of effective teeth whitening solutions.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

There are various teeth whitening solutions that effectively remove paleness and stains from your teeth and transform them into white pearl beads. So, if you have yellowish teeth, don”t be sad, we, at DentalGram, connect you to dental health experts who help you get your natural pearly whites back.

When it comes to teeth whitening treatment, you’ve mainly got two options: In-office teeth whitening and at-home care.

In-Office Teeth Whitening - In-office teeth whitening is a treatment provided by dentists at a dental office. It is more effective than home-based whitening solutions as dentists use a stronger bleaching agent and a combination of heat and light during the in-office whitening treatment procedure which speeds up and intensifies the teeth whitening process.

Dentists use two types of whitening treatments during in-office teeth whitening procedures: teeth bleaching and Zoom treatment (laser teeth whitening). When you choose teeth bleaching, it takes 30-60 minutes of multiple clinic visits to get the ultimate result while a zoom treatment takes only 2 hours to completely whiten your teeth. However, zoom treatment can be a little risky.

At-Home Teeth Whitening - At-home teeth whitening treatment is the process of using different teeth whitening products at home. The teeth whitening products include whitening strips and gels, tray bleaching, and teeth whitening toothpaste. This option is less effective compared to in-office-based whitening solutions but can give you the result at some point.

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