DentalGram FAQs

1What is the placement fee of DentalGram?

DentalGram charges only $25 to Dental Offices which is payable after the completion of a successful shift. Before the completion of the shift, we do not charge any fee. We receive the payments by Credit Cards and all the payments are processed through Stripe Payments.

2 What is the cancellation policy at DentalGram?

Dental Offices or Dentists cannot cancel the shift once it is booked or assigned to a Dental Personnel. Only DentalGram can cancel it in certain situations once $150 has been paid to Dental Personnel (Temp) as compensation by the applicable Dental Office or Dentist.

3Is DentalGram assist to hire a permanent or contractual position?

DentalGram is a dental temp agency. We mainly specialize in providing temp hires or contract-based dental staff to dental offices across Canada to fulfill their staff requirements. We do not provide dental staff on a permanent basis, but yes our temp hires can convert to permanent staff after the completion of their contract with your dental office. The agreement which will be signed by the dental staff will also contain the same. So, whether you are looking for temp hires for the post of Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, or Associate Dentist, DentalGram can fulfill your requirements with the best-quality temp hires.

4How is DentalGram different from other dental consultancies?

At DentalGram, we prioritize our clients and focus on meeting their core needs and goals. If you represent a dental office, we have highly-qualified and experienced temp hires who can significantly contribute to the growth of your dental clinic. And the best thing is that those temp hires would cost you very cheap. Thus, we provide the best value to your dental office. On the other hand, if you are a dental professional, looking for a job, we have the best dental jobs for you in Canada. Additionally, we have 100+ tutorials that cover a wide range of dental topics. Dental staff can utilize those tutorials for enhancing their expertise in dentistry.

5What is the policy if the temps (Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, or Associate Dentist) cancel the booking?

If a temp remains unavailable during his assigned shift without informing about the reason for unavailability or cancels his shift without giving a prior notice 72 hours before his shift, the temp will be blacklisted by DentalGram services. And he/she may not avail of our services again in the future.

6Is there any hiring fee?

DentalGram does not charge any hiring fee. We only charge a non-negotiable placement fee of $25 that is payable only after the successful completion of the temp shift.

7How much time does DentalGram take for review or approval after submission of the application?

We put our best possible to review your application and give a response to you regarding the same as quickly as 2 hours. But, in some cases, it may take up to 48 hours, depending on various factors, such as missing documents and the time it takes for the verification of documents.