Preventative Dentistry

preventive dentistry

Do you need optimal oral health? Preventative dentistry is what you need. It includes several oral health practices that keep your mouth healthy and natural.

At DentalGram, we promote preventive dentistry as we believe that precaution is better than cure. We appeal to people to learn and follow preventive dentistry practices.

In preventive dentistry, you are required to visit a dental office at short intervals for your dental check-up. This helps dentists in detecting and treating the existing dental issues, estimating the possible risks, and designing a better treatment plan for you so that you can keep various dental problems at the bay. Meanwhile, you receive dental health education from qualified dentists which help in obtaining optimal oral health.

What to Expect On Your First Appointment?

On your first preventive dentistry appointment, you will undergo a comprehensive dental assessment procedure. Your teeth, gums, jaw, and smile will go under a mouth scanning process. This assessment procedure will help dentists find if there is a problem in your mouth. Do not forget to inform the dentist if you are doing a medication course. It is necessary to avoid possible dental complications.

In case dentists find a problem in your mouth, they will inform you right away and recommend the possible options for treatment. They will also give a set of instructions to follow to control or prevent your dental problem from getting worse.

Prevention Begins With Care

If you want to obtain optimal oral health and avoid dental complications in the long run, keep in mind that prevention begins with care. You cannot obtain good oral health until you follow the daily oral practices, like brushing and flossing. You also need to eat healthily and avoid bad habits to get good dental health. In addition to this, regular clinic visits for a dental check-up are also crucial to eliminate the risk of oral diseases.

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1What are types of preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry care aims to help you avoid common oral health concerns so you can keep your smile healthy for life. Preventive dentistry is classified into five types: Teeth Cleaning Oral Examinion Dental sealants Oral Cancer Screenings Mouth Guards for Sports

2What is the main goal of preventive dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is all about maintaining good oral healthcare habits to ward off more serious problems in the future. The preventive dentistry process will greatly reduce the risk of problems such as cavities, gum disease, loss of tooth enamel, and periodontitis.

3Are preventive fillings necessary?

In brief, the answer is NO. Cavities are treated with preventive dentistry fillings because a dentist will typically remove the damaged portion (the cavity) and fill it to prevent additional damage. Preventive dental fillings are typically suggested when your molars have extremely deep grooves, cracks, or pits.

4How do I know if my dentist is unnecessary?

If your dentist recommends aggressive preventative dentistry treatments, you can inquire why. Your dentist wants to make sure you understand what's going on in your mouth and whether you have a cavity, gingivitis, or other dental issues to address