Advanced Technology

digital dental X-ray

Over time, dental care has improved a lot. No matter how severe your dental problem is, modern dentistry has a perfect solution to remove all your dental imperfections and restore your natural teeth look. It became possible because of the advanced dental technologies that are available today, such as intraoral cameras, sedation, wisdom teeth X-ray, etc. These dental technologies made everything possible in dentistry. Whether you need new teeth as a replacement for missing teeth or you want to get rid of your permanently stained teeth, there is a perfect dental solution for you in today's dentistry.

At DentalGram, we connect dental patients and dental staff to those dental offices that use advanced dental technologies, such as a digital dental X-ray, during their dental procedures. Our goal is to make the best dental facilities available to you that can solve even the most complex dental problem you might develop.

Dental technology includes several types of dental instruments and techniques that make dental procedures easy, comfy, and painless.

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Advanced Dental Instruments and Techniques

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are used as an alternative to the mirror or dental x-ray service that is used to see inside the mouth. Dentists can have a close-up look at the details of your teeth, gums, and entire mouth by using these cameras. They can also take high-definition photos of your teeth and gums that help in examining and evaluating your dental health.

Digital X-rays

Digital dental X-rays are another effective diagnostic tool a dentist can use to detect mouth problems. They are quite similar to digital cameras but they use a dental X-ray service like traditional X-rays. The only difference is that the sensors of dental X-rays are connected to a computer instead of a film.

Trios Digital Impression System

Trios digital impression system is different from digital dental X-ray, it is somewhat like an intraoral camera but it takes images of your mouth without making a connection. This produces 3D digital images of your teeth in no time.

Soft Tissue Laser Cleaning

It is a dental procedure in which dentists use a highly concentrated beam of light to remove plaque and harmful bacteria from teeth and gums without causing any damage.

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation is a useful dental technique to calm and relax the patients during a dental procedure. It eliminates the pain and anxiety.

At DentalGram, we strive to make available the best dental treatment to you through the leading dental clinics across Canada. We make sure you have a great experience with us.

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  • Intraoral Camera, using this device, dentists can take a close-up, high definition image of your teeth to evaluate your dental health and find out the problematic area.
  • Digital X-Rays is another diagnostic tool that enables a dentist to point out the earliest signs of problems below your teeth and implements right dental treatment.
  • Trios Digital Impression System takes a few non-contact scans of your mouth and generates a fully digital 3D image of your teeth as quickly as possible.
  • Soft Tissue Laser Cleaning is the highly concentrated beam of light that removes the harmful bacteria without damaging the gums tissue.
  • Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation helps to feel the patients relaxed and comfortable during the dental procedure as it reduces the feeling of pain and anxiety.

We strive to provide satisfied dental service to our clients, and this is why we emphasize on involving the latest tools and techniques in our dentistry. If you are ready to find what else is available in our dental clinic, contact us at DentalGram for more information.