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Charges :

DentalGram charges only $25 to Dental Offices after the completion of a successful shift. All payments made by Credit Cards are processed through Stripe Payments. DentalGram is not responsible for paying Dental Personnel (Temp) and is the responsibility of the applicable Dental office to pay to Dental Personnel for a shift completed by Temp.
Dental Offices or Dentists cannot cancel the shift once it is booked and assigned to a Dental Personnel. It can only be cancelled by DentalGram once $150 has been paid to Dental Personnel (Temp) as compensation by the applicable Dental Office or Dentist.
Dental Offices should register with their company Email address. Registration will only be successful once email address and phone number is verified. Only one account is allowed per dental office. Registering with multiple accounts may result in permanent ban from the DentalGram services.